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The first Bollywood movie I ever saw was Hum Aapke Hain Koun. My parents tell me that I was obsessed with dancing to its songs even as a toddler (and still am, du-uh). So trust me when I say I’ve been a Bollywood buff since I could walk.


After years of watching and re-watching my favourite movies, using one too many K3G references in my Instagram captions, and giving friends (and myself) life advice based on Bollywood plot lines, here we are. 


I started Raichand & Co because I'm assuming there are others like me — who've watched every Koffee With Karan episode multiple times, who know that the Barjatya 'ABCD' is far superior than the one we learnt in school, and can't say 'gym class today' without mouthing it like the inimitable Poo.


There is definitely a kick in meeting someone who 'gets' these inside jokes just like you, it’s the foundation for an immediate crackling connection - or more.  My then-boyfriend once said 'confusion, confusion, confusion' like Salman in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and my heart skipped a beat. We're now married. 

After years of watching & rewatching my favourite movies, using too many K3G references  in instagram captions and giving my friends (and myself) life advice based on bollywood movie plot lines, I guess here we are. 


So for everyone else who loves their Bollywood and knows that nothing can beat the '90s &  '2000s - you can now wear your heart on your sleeve (quite literally). Our merchandise is is top quality (we're Raichands, after all!), our designs are original (our intellectual property registration is underway, so please don't try to rip this off Anu Mal*** style please), and I swear on the Mohabbatein soundtrack that we have built this on the principles of Parampara, Prathishtha & Anushasan. 


I hope you enjoy wearing them, gifting them to your crew explaining the jokes to your friends who just don't get it. 



An honorary Raichand 

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